What's more important than a deadline? Nothing.


Shipping parts on time is a top priority we use E2 (an Enterprise Requirement Planning system) along with a job tracking system to manage every order, every day.


Meet Our Team


Shawn - Operations

Shawn tracks business operations and ensures orders are sent out on time.

yareli - Quality Manager

Yareli ensures each part meets the AS9100/ISO9000 quality standards.

frankie - production manager 2nd

Frankie keeps 2nd shift running smoothly every night.

jorge - production manager 1st

Jorge is an experienced machinist who keeps the 1st shift moving.

Martindale Manufacturing is a machine shop making tight tolerance aluminum, stainless and titanium parts primarily for the aerospace industry.  We use lean manufacturing principles, late model CNC machines and vision inspection equipment to maintain quality and efficiency.

  • Machine metal, phenolic, and plastic parts
  • Make compression molds for rubber-to-metal bonding (commonly called Gask-O-Seals)
  • Excellent customer service and high quality products
  • Continuously improve the process to reduce cost and shorten lead time
  • Pre and post machine operations, including heat treatments and finishing
  • In-house laser and electro etching

Martindale Manufacturing provides our customers with superior products and services using lean manufacturing practices. We build long term partnerships with our customers through excellent communication and honored commitments.

who we are

Martindale Manufacturing is a family owned aerospace manufacturing business located in San Marcos, California. We have 25 employees and have been making quality aerospace parts for 15 years.

Our Manufacturing mission

Our people are the company.  Martindale Manufacturing has many long term employees who have been in the  aerospace industry for years. Our employees' commitment to quality and delivery is the driving force behind Martindale Manufacturing's success.


get the job done

what we do

the production job board/gantt schedule

our services

eddie - Engineering

Eddie uses Mastercam to program the CNC machines to be as efficient as possible.

Tony martindale - CEO

Tony oversees all aspects of the business.