deburring and cleaning

After the part has been machined, it is taken to the deburr area. Here, each part is thoroughly cleaned, every burr is removed and the parts are sanded smooth finish.


the process

  • 10 VMC Fadal Machines
  • Keyence IM 730 Vision Inspection System
  • Nikon VMA 655 Vision Inspection System

Completing final inspections of a part before it is shipped

The drill bit in a VMC Fadal Machine

A freshly cleaned part

Final quality checks

After cleaning, the parts are moved to the quality check (or 'QC') area. Parts are checked on a vision inspection system that scans and measures all critical features of each part.

A row of new Fadal machines


programming and machining

Our CNC machines are programmed using Mastercam.  We utilize our years of experience to create robust processes that are efficient and maintain a high level of quality.  Key points are checked in station to ensure only quality parts move to the next operation.